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Emily in Paris: The Latest Look

Netflix shares first look at the new season of Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris
Image courtesy Netflix

Get ready to pack your bags and head back to the City of Light! Netflix has just released the first look photos for the highly anticipated fourth season of Emily in Paris, and the buzz is already electric. This season promises more romance, more drama, and more stunning European backdrops than ever before.

Image courtesy Netflix

Emily in Paris fans can mark their calendars for a double dose of Parisian charm. Season 4 is being split into two parts, with the first part premiering on August 15, 2024, and the second part following closely on September 12, 2024. Each part will feature five episodes, maintaining the series’ tradition of 10 episodes per season.

Image courtesy Netflix

The early synopsis from Netflix hints at a whirlwind of emotions and complications. Emily finds herself entangled with two men: Gabriel, who is about to become a father, and her ex-boyfriend Alfie, who has finally realized his worst fears about her connection with Gabriel. As Emily and Gabriel work together towards a coveted Michelin star, their undeniable chemistry is overshadowed by two significant secrets that threaten their dreams.

Image courtesy Netflix

Adding to the allure, parts of Season 4 were filmed in Rome, offering a fresh backdrop that complements the show’s signature Parisian scenery. With the blend of romance, professional challenges, and scenic escapades, the upcoming season of Emily in Paris is set to captivate audiences all over again. Stay tuned for what promises to be an unforgettable ride through love, ambition, and European elegance!

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