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ELLE Supports Local: Weaving Heritage

When fashion meets heritage – a look at Egyptian designers that modernize rich cultural legacy.

ELLE Supports Local: Weaving Heritage
Talalya, Image courtesy Talalya

We’ve lived through winter’s teeth-clattering, cold breeze and made it past the persistent desperation of keeping toasty.

As summer looms around the corner and we prepare for the embrace of its striking rays of warmth and joy, the search for airy attire, that clings to fashionable moments rather than our bodies in the midsummer heat, is the foremost journey we embark on every Spring in preparation for the beachy blaze that awaits us.

From casual city walks along boulevards and brunch by the beach, to moonlit dinners and the most dressed up of nightlife partaking, the fashion opportunities that summer brings about are endless.

Planning an outfit from morning to night can be tedious and often uninspiring, our ELLE editors have created a series to help you navigate between several local Egyptian brands offering the perfect pieces from head to toe. Today we are weaving heritage!


In the vibrant world of fashion, some brands stand out by drawing deeply from their rich cultural heritage.

Egyptian culture, with its millennia of history, art, and craftsmanship, offers a unique and timeless source of inspiration.

These local brands prioritize the preservation of the essence of Egypt, whether through their choice of materials, intricate designs, or the stories behind their creations.

These brands not only pay homage to the past but also bring a touch of various ancient elegance and contemporary flair to the global fashion scene.


Talalya, an Egyptian clothing brand, was founded to blend key elements into a unique essence. Recognizing a gap between Egypt’s artisans and market demands, Talalya leveraged its design and marketing expertise to bridge this divide.

Supporting women in the labor market is a priority for Talalya. The brand offers free workshops in various crafts, provides private tutors and materials, and supplies Talalya designs. Women are fairly compensated for their work.

Since 2014, Talalya has championed sustainability and slow fashion, reflecting Egypt’s long production, reuse, and upcycling history. By combining timeless designs with high-quality standards, Talalya creates unique garments suited to modern lifestyles.


The Fikky’s is an Egyptian local brand specializing in natural fabrics and unique designs. Most of their fabrics are handwoven on the Egyptian loom, incorporating pure raw linen, burlap, and Egyptian cotton into exquisite patchwork.

Fikky’s designs showcase the beauty of these unique fabrics, transforming them into pieces of art.

The Fikky’s dream is to introduce its brand to the world and demonstrate Egypt’s distinct identity in the fashion industry.

Stay tuned for more ELLE Supports Local!

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