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ELLE Supports Local: Suit Up For The Summer

ELLE showcases two of the most dapper suit makers to get you ready for a summer soiree

ELLE Supports Local: Suit Up For The Summer
Waseem Khadra SS24, Image courtesy Waseem Khadra

We’ve lived through winter’s teeth-clattering, cold breeze and made it past the persistent desperation of keeping toasty.

As summer looms around the corner and we prepare for the embrace of its striking rays of warmth and joy, the search for airy attire, that clings to fashionable moments rather than our bodies in the midsummer heat, is the foremost journey we embark on every Spring in preparation for the beachy blaze that awaits us.

From casual city walks along boulevards and brunch by the beach, to moonlit dinners and the most dressed up of nightlife partaking, the fashion opportunities that summer brings about are endless.

Planning an outfit from morning to night can be tedious and often uninspiring, our ELLE editors have created a series to help you navigate between several local Egyptian brands offering the perfect pieces from head to toe. Today we give you some of the finest tailoring.


If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then a perfectly tailored suit is a man’s. When we think of summer we feel the salty breeze on our shins and the blowing wind through the light linen, rarely does a suit come to mind.

That being said, we can’t overlook all the opportunities that require you to suit up for the summer.

From coastal weddings to the odd business conference, your search for the ideal suit to take you from morning to night doesn’t need to be extensive, because our editors have compiled two of the most refined suit makers in Egypt.


Introduced in 2015 as Ahmed Hamdy Studios, this pristine Italian fashion trend has redefined men’s wear in Egypt. The brand blends traditional Egyptian craftsmanship with contemporary Italian style, creating high-quality, elegant clothing.

With meticulous attention to detail, from fabric selection to precise tailoring, Ahmed Hamdy consistently elevates fashion expectations.

Driven by perseverance, passion, and hard work, the brand aims to be recognized locally and globally as a premier luxury store. By offering an unparalleled shopping experience, Ahmed Hamdy Designs aspires to symbolize sophistication and innovation, ensuring each customer feels valued and unique.


Waseem Khadra strives to create a world grounded in comfort, honesty, and integrity. The brand’s wearers are socially intelligent men who value themselves and are at ease both physically and personally. They are impactful individuals, not mere trend-followers, who feel complete yet humble, accepting others.

In every society, some are unconcerned with others’ perceptions, often overlooked yet practical and inspiring. They adapt their clothing for warmth or breathability as needed. This nonchalance and focus on comfort and practicality are reflected in each Waseem Khadra design.

Stay tuned for more ELLE Supports Local!

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