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ELLE Supports Local: Stunningly Sustainable

Our editors select some of the most notable sustainable fashion designers in Egypt

ELLE Supports Local: Stunningly Sustainable
Reform Studio, Image courtesy Reform Studio

We’ve lived through winter’s teeth-clattering, cold breeze and made it past the persistent desperation of keeping toasty.

As summer looms around the corner and we prepare for the embrace of its striking rays of warmth and joy, the search for airy attire, that clings to fashionable moments rather than our bodies in the midsummer heat, is the foremost journey we embark on every Spring in preparation for the beachy blaze that awaits us.

From casual city walks along boulevards and brunch by the beach, to moonlit dinners and the most dressed up of nightlife partaking, the fashion opportunities that summer brings about are endless.

Planning an outfit from morning to night can be tedious and often uninspiring, our ELLE editors have created a series to help you navigate between several local Egyptian brands offering the perfect pieces from head to toe. Today we bring you the most conscious of sustainable fashion.


As much as it receives no opportunity to prove itself to the judging mind, sustainable fashion represents a transformative shift in the way we approach clothing production and consumption, all the while proving its critiques wrong.

Despite its virtues, sustainable fashion often faces the misconception that it sacrifices style for sustainability. That being said, these sustainable Egyptian fashion designers prove that ethical and eco-friendly choices can coexist harmoniously with chic designs, showcasing that conscious consumption is not only responsible but also inherently stylish.


MEROË was founded to address the stress of dressing. Recognizing the need for simple, practical garments that cater to real, everyday experiences, MEROË designs each piece with an equal emphasis on style and comfort.

Every item is crafted to endure beyond the season, focusing on exceptional craftsmanship to provide essentials for the modern wardrobe.

MEROË presents Coastal Knots! This line showcases a variety of coastal-inspired pieces adorned with distinctive nautical knot details, capturing the essence of adventurous summer vibes.

From oversized T-shirts and dresses to hand-knitted bags, every item is designed to help you stand out and feel proud of your positive impact on the planet.


Reform champions sustainable luxury by designing high-end, eco-friendly fashion accessories, furniture, and home goods. All items are crafted using the brand’s innovative fabric, Plastex, a 100% eco-friendly, handmade material made from discarded plastic bags and cotton or polyester threads.


Up-Fuse seeks to redefine slow fashion as high-quality and affordable in a country new to sustainability. By repurposing plastic waste and tires into fashion items like laptop sleeves, wallets, clothing, and shoes, the brand integrates sustainability into every product.

Since its inception in Cairo’s ‘garbage city’ in 2013, Up-Fuse has transformed over 2 million plastic bags, 800,000 plastic bottles, and 800 car tires into eco-friendly apparel and accessories.

Inspired by the vibrant hues of summer, the new collection showcases bold patterns and striking color combinations. From beach-ready totes to everyday urban essentials, each piece is designed to make a statement while remaining true to Up-Fuse’s eco-conscious ethos.

Stay tuned for more from our ELLE Supports Local series!

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