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ELLE Supports Local: Art of the Bag

Discover two unique bag brands perfect for summer nights out

ELLE Supports Local: Art of the Bag
Double A, Image courtesy Double A

We’ve lived through winter’s teeth-clattering, cold breeze and made it past the persistent desperation of keeping toasty.

As summer looms around the corner and we prepare for the embrace of its striking rays of warmth and joy, the search for airy attire, that clings to fashionable moments rather than our bodies in the midsummer heat, is the foremost journey we embark on every Spring in preparation for the beachy blaze that awaits us.

From casual city walks along boulevards and brunch by the beach, to moonlit dinners and the most dressed up of nightlife partaking, the fashion opportunities that summer brings about are endless.

Planning an outfit from morning to night can be tedious and often uninspiring, our ELLE editors have created a series to help you navigate between several local Egyptian brands offering the perfect pieces from head to toe. It’s now time to reveal the art of the bag!


Playful and colorful bags are essential for the perfect summer night out, adding a splash of personality to any outfit. These vibrant accessories not only elevate your style but also reflect the carefree, joyful spirit of summer.

Whether you’re heading to a beach party or a rooftop soirée, a striking bag can be the perfect finishing touch, making every summer evening memorable.


Double A, founded by sisters Ayah and Aliaa Aboutera, draws inspiration from their father’s legacy in Egyptian leather manufacturing dating back to 1977.

The brand showcases the elegance of Egyptian leather, challenging the perception that it is only suitable for winter by presenting timeless pieces for all seasons.

Double A‘s Rebel Luxe SS24 collection combines cool aesthetics with expert leather craftsmanship. The collection includes handmade pieces with geometric cutouts, bold colors, and stud embellishments.

From classic to avant-garde designs, SS24 offers versatile, edgy leather pieces for the modern rebel.


Omnis, founded with a passion for unique, handmade fashion, is known for its vibrant designs. A team of 25 women crafts stylish and meaningful ready-to-wear fashion, accessories, and bags from the showroom and their homes.

The brand empowers underprivileged women by utilizing their artisanal skills to create high-quality fashion, ensuring quality and trust in every piece.

Committed to excellence, Omnis delivers unique, playful designs while continually striving for growth and high craftsmanship standards.


Omnis is thrilled to launch the Summer 2024 collection, inspired by the essence of femininity. This season features romantic vibes with pastel colors, delicate ruffles, and sparkling crystals. The new line is designed to add elegance and a touch of dreamy magic to any wardrobe.

Stay tuned for more ELLE Supports Local!

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