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ELLE Supports Local: The Allure of Stone-Studded Jewelry

ELLE’s jewelry picks for stunning in stones

ELLE Supports Local
Jude Benhalim 'Whispers of the Valley,' Image courtesy Jude Benhalim

We’ve lived through winter’s teeth-clattering, cold breeze and made it past the persistent desperation of keeping toasty.

As summer looms around the corner and we prepare for the embrace of its striking rays of warmth and joy, the search for airy attire, that clings to fashionable moments rather than our bodies in the midsummer heat, is the foremost journey we embark on every Spring in preparation for the beachy blaze that awaits us.

From casual city walks along boulevards and brunch by the beach, to moonlit dinners and the most dressed up of nightlife partaking, the fashion opportunities that summer brings about are endless.

Planning an outfit from morning to night can be tedious and often uninspiring, our ELLE editors have created a series to help you navigate between several local Egyptian brands offering the perfect pieces from head to toe.

On today’s agenda, we are showcasing the most alluring of stone-studded jewelry.


No look is complete without the adornment of jewelry to compliment it. Whether a statement piece to embellish a simple ensemble or a smaller pick to help highlight the already curated outfit, the finer details of said outfit, will always ensure that that statement is heard loud and clear.

On a day when your pre-planned outfit is just missing that little something extra, stone-studded jewelry or organic formations of such, are simply the solution.


Dima Jewellery’s Echoes of Land is a tribute to Palestine, crafted with rare gemstones set in 18kt gold. Inspired by her homeland, the designer captures the spirit of Palestine’s olive trees, jasmine flowers, and resistance in her art. Each piece symbolizes memory, identity, resilience, and dignity.

The highlight of the collection is the Rare Rainbow Chrysocolla Gemstone from Jerusalem. These pieces remind us of Palestinians’ resilience and deep connection to their land, even at great personal cost.

Designed to reflect nature’s beauty, the collection encourages appreciation of both inner and outer beauty.

The teardrop motif represents Palestinian stories of sorrow, resilience, and hope, embodying the strength found in the human experience.


Based in Egypt, Jude Benhalim proudly launches its new collection, Whispers of the Valley, inspired by nature’s quiet resilience, marking a significant milestone after the brand’s recent rebranding.

Whispers of the Valley pays homage to nature’s hidden strength within its gentlest elements, from gravel to cliffs. The collection features textured jewelry and mixed metals, reflecting the delicate yet enduring touch of time.

The brand’s rebirth emphasizes its core values and introduces innovative design techniques and materials, such as translucent resin stones. Whispers of the Valley is said to be their most authentic collection, representing the innovative spirit while staying true to their core values.

ELLE Supports Local: The Allure of Stone-Studded Jewelry



















Stay tuned for more from our ELLE Supports Local series!

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