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ELLE Picks: Top 5 Wegz Music Videos

Our favorite music videos from Egyptian rapper ‘Wegz’


The Alexandrian rapper Wegz is nothing short of an earthquake in Egyptian R&B. First popular for his track Bazeet back in 2019, the artist has since become a landmark in the music scene. 

We take a look back at five of our favorite music videos from the beloved rapper.


A gold puffer jacket and a futuristic take on Egyptian streets, Wegz’s Dorak Gai music video was an iconic moment in North African R&B. The track, already popular, took over our cars and parties with its empowering lyrics and fresh sound. North African pride is a Wegz specialty, totally cemented by this video. 



Who could make a grand entrance in a golf cart better than Wegz? The video’s fun take on a gang-exchange was a light-hearted, visually pleasing fan-favorite. 

We see the artist in an array of bold stylistic pieces that add to the overall feel of funk. 



One of the artist’s earlier tracks, the Bazeet music video is filmed in a Cairo car garage. The track later went on to be sampled in the trending Molto campaign.



The title song, soundtrack for the movie “El Ghasala,” starring Hana El Zahed, Ahmed Hatem, Mahmoud Hemeidah, and Baioumy Fouad, mixes clips from the film with the rapper’s studio performance to leave us with a plot of our own. 



His latest, also a soundtrack for the Oscars-submitted movie VOY! VOY! VOY!, starring Mohamed Farrag, Nelly Karim, Taha Desouky, and Dalia Shawky, sees the rapper slowly floating into the Cairo skyline in a dramatic black & white film. 

We’ll continue to follow the artist as he ventures into his next projects.

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