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Egyptian Influencers in the Spotlight

The power of social media in our lives portrayed in names we know and love

It’s no secret that influencers have not only taken over our phones but also our hearts. From fashion to travel, influencer culture has introduced and reshaped perceptions. Trends once dictated by traditional norms, now take cues from the curated closets of influencers who promote their style and individuality. While the rise of influencers is undeniable, it is also a testament to the power of personal narratives in shaping collective experiences. In this fusion of the digital and the physical, the streets of Egypt tell a story—a narrative co-authored by influencers and embraced by a community hungry for inspiration.


It is not often when you can recall the first person who left a print on something, but Nour Aboulela’s was so significant that we cannot forget it. Even before Instagram or TikTok influencing was a thing, Aboulela was one of the first bloggers in Egypt. Her blog Love by N, launched back in 2013, served as a personal diary to vent her boundless enthusiasm for high-end fashion and travel.

 While the digital landscape has evolved into a bustling marketplace of influencers, Nour Aboulela’s impact remains significant. She wasn’t just part of the beginning; she was a catalyst, inspiring a generation of creators to share their stories, passions, and unique perspectives and is here to stay.


Sarah Hany is one of the lifestyle influencers who has taken Instagram by storm. Her rise to fame began on YouTube, where she built a strong following with her lifestyle vlogs and videos. Fast forward three years, she became one of the most followed fashion and lifestyle influencers on Instagram in Egypt counting 1 million followers as per date.

 Hany isn’t just a lifestyle influencer; she is a digital companion whose posts go beyond aesthetics. Many contribute her success can be contributed to her genuine, heartfelt persona.



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Self the Blog by  Nayra Nassar is a self-love manual for all our wellness enthusiasts. The influencer’s focus on self-care brings forth a halo of softness. Nassar’s content is engaging and inspiring. The resonance of her words goes beyond satisfaction; it’s a profound call to action, a catalyst that stirs the desire within you to rise and embrace your own wellness journey.

 “Influence” takes on a literal meaning in Nassar’s hands. It’s not just about garnering likes or followers; it’s about instigating a positive shift in mindset, a ripple effect that goes beyond the screen.



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Amira Adeeb, The influencer-turned-actress has made Instagram influence into her playground. Her rise to the limelight started with her travel-style posts. From vlogs to travel tips, Adeeb was known for her continent-hopping. Upon her return to Egypt after COVID forced her home from her University in California, the influencer made her debut in the local scene, quickly becoming a feed favorite.

 Her posts weren’t just glimpses into a glamorous life; they were windows into her world. As the digital curtain continues to rise on her journey, her followers are captivated by the allure of her posts and the seamless blend of influence and artistry. Adeeb stands not just as a social media sensation but as a testament to the transformative power of sharing one’s life with the world.



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Dina Dash emerges as a shining example of a thriving entrepreneur, seamlessly embodying the elusive concept of work-life balance. Dash laid the foundation of her luxury marketing and PR agency, Dash Management, at the tender age of 24 in 2015.

 She has been keen on balancing between her business and her “full of the joys of spring” life on social media. Making sure to never leave out any facet, allows a real understanding and a 360 view of what her life looks like. Dash isn’t just a businesswoman; she’s a storyteller. Her content is a kaleidoscope of her journey. And close to 2 million followers love being a part of the ride.



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“Embrace your skin” and “Everyone is beautiful in their own way” are not just mere phrases for Logina Salah; they are profound mantras that echo the essence of her journey as a makeup artist, beauty, and fashion influencer. Salah’s venture into the world of influence began with a powerful mission – advocating skin positivity. The influencer’s social media became a canvas for breaking stereotypical beauty standards, and embracing our differences. It was a big, bold step in the right direction. Especially in Egypt, it took a lot of guts. And Salah had it.

 Salah’s journey transcends the world of beauty and fashion as a testament to the transformative power of embracing individuality. She stands as a reminder that true beauty lies in authenticity, in the unapologetic embrace of one’s unique features.


Nourhan Eissa pulls you into a portrait of fashion and beauty. Beyond the pixels and captions, Eissa is a living embodiment of promoting fashion. Her makeup videos are a sweet take on the matter, and her travel vlogs are an enticing watch. But what drives Eissa’s growth isn’t just the picturesque scenes or flawless makeup; it’s the intangible quality of a seemingly effortless presentation.


 A woman of many hats, whose career spans from PR to dentist and aspiring health coach, Sarah Taha’s main social media activities focus on health and beauty. The mother of three, who often star in her posts, never fails to captivate her followers with her winning smile while following her on her travels and outings.

Stay tuned for our story on some of Egypt’s most popular male influencers!

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