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Discover Your Style Personality

ELLE guides you through 5 different style personalities

Discover Your Style Personality
Image courtesy Penelope Cruz via Instagram

Taking the time to discover your style personality can help you dress more authentically, shop smarter, build a cohesive wardrobe, feel more confident, and enjoy dressing every day.  It is the first step to defining your style and developing a ‘uniquely you’ look, which is one of the most effective communication tools. Your ‘style personality’ is the factor that brings your style together and makes it uniquely you! 

When choosing clothes, colors, accessories, and hairstyles your style personality will be what makes your choices feel right! The result is a wardrobe full of clothes that go together, you will be able to mix and match with ease, and getting dressed will become an enjoyable and creative experience.

Generally, most people fall into five general style personalities. That’s not to say that you can’t play with other styles or that your personality is unable to change.  You might find that you match two different style personalities depending on your mood or perhaps between work and pleasure. In this case, you may like to decide which style personality you feel is more you!

Here’s a look at the different style personalities that could potentially correspond to you.


Feeling comfortable is your priority. Your hair is often casual and unfussy.  You have a laid-back attitude to your look. You love jeans and cargo pants.  You feel uncomfortable in formal business wear.  You get impatient and bored with shopping.  Clothes should always be fuss-free and fast! You see grooming as a necessary chore. Your wardrobe is full of casual clothing and sportswear.  You visit the hairstylist when you must.  You often have a designer stubble. 

Image courtesy Cameron Diaz via Instagram


You love pretty colors such as pinks and peaches. Ruffles, flounces and appliqués.  You love skincare routines & beauty products and opt for subtle makeup and emphasis on eyes. Floral prints and details help you express your femininity.  Growing up as a child you loved to dress up. You prefer dresses & skirts to trousers. You like your hair softly curled with gentle movement.  You like silk scarves and soft furs.

Image courtesy Penelope Cruz via Instagram


You don’t follow fashion but prefer a timeless look and prefer to appear well turned-out but not overdone. You avoid an abundance of colors in one outfit and prioritize buying quality over quantity, whilst shopping is only an occurrence in trusted shops. You have a timeless hairstyle you rarely change and stunt in a hair color that is close to your natural one.  You consider your style elegant, mature, and refined, opting for tailored styles, straying away from baggy or loose.  You have a safe & predictable makeup routine.

Kate Middleton via Prince and Princess of Wales via Instagram


You have great fun with your wardrobe choices and are inspired by catwalks but love to add your own twists. Bold and modern costume jewelry is the way to go, as well as eye-catching, statement accessories. Besides bold jewelry, colors must be bold and contrasting too. You have an ethnic or even theatrical look and prefer fabrics that glitter and shine. Eclectic and unpredictable style is  your main pick. When it comes to hairstyles, they have to be long curls or short and dramatic.  You are a trendsetter rather than a fashion follower.  People admire your style combinations.

Image courtesy Sarah Jessica Parker


There’s nothing like a big entrance when it comes to drama. Your top priority is the ‘wow factor’.  You love to follow the latest fashion trends and party whilst being the star of the show.  Your wardrobe is full of impulse buys, whilst you sacrifice practicality to look good.  You’d rather be overdressed than under! Hollywood glamor? That’s where it’s at.  The makeup looks usually entail a striking red lip and luscious lashes! You like bold and striking accessories. Confidence is not an issue as you dress in bold colors and animal prints. You like to reinvent yourself and try new looks and often find trouble toning down your look for work.

Once you know which style personality you are, check your closet and see if your clothes truly reflect it. Following such, have a look at the instances of well-known figures, mentioned above, who match your style personality or find a person you admire that epitomizes the general style you would like to achieve.  This isn’t to say that you would want to replicate their look exactly, considering this doesn’t embrace your own individuality. Instead, look at style role models for inspiration and then bring your outfits together with your own twists, your own touches, and your own unique take.

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