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Commemorating the Iconic Love Story Between Artists

A closer look at Art Talks' “George and Nito – Une histoire d’amour”

George Bahgory and his wife Nito

Love cements itself on the walls of  George and Nito – Une Histoire D’amour, the art exhibition paying tribute to the late Nitokriss.

In honor of legendary artist George Bahgory’s 91st birthday, ArtTalks is hosting the first-ever art exhibition that portrays both his and his late wife’s work side by side. Nitokriss, AKA Nito, passed away last July. She and Bahgory had been married for 65 years, tying the knot on August 30th, 1959 at the bride’s house in Zeitoun in Cairo. 

The couple, both students of fine arts, embarked on a life that catapulted Bahgory as one of Egypt’s most famous artists together. With Bahgory’s art at the forefront, Nito took to managing his correspondence, maintaining his records, coordinating with the gallerists, and often modeling for his paintings. Nito was an established painter and sculptor herself, but she never much liked the limelight. Her biggest contribution perhaps was her relentless effort to establish The George Bahgory Museum in Downtown Cairo. She was an integral part of Bahgory’s success.

While she forged a career as an interior design engineer working for the Egyptian National Television and was later appointed Deputy Minister, he established himself as one of the most influential artists in the Arab world.

In light of her support, Bahgory was dubbed “Picasso of the Arabs” and “The Beethoven of Fine Arts.” Baghory’s prolific multidisciplinary art revolutionized the fine arts in many ways, leaving an impact that is rather unforgettable on the craft. 

On December 12th, 2023, almost five months after Nito’s passing, ArtTalks launched its first exhibition of the season in honor of the iconic couple’s artistically entwined love story. This is the first-ever exhibition showcasing their respective artworks side by side, with a total of 181 art pieces – 47 of which are Nito’s.

“It’s rare when you find a love story between two artists, and it’s even rarer when you find a marriage that spanned 65 years” Cherine Chafik, the co-founder of ArtTalks, tells us. 

Watch the full interview with founders Cherine Chafik and Faten Kanafani on ELLE’s YouTube here.

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