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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Azza Fahmy

Azza Fahmy jewellery's Mother's Day collection unveiled

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Azza Fahmy Jewellery honors the essence of maternal connections, recognizing the profound influence and love that shapes our lives. As part of this celebration, Azza Fahmy proudly introduces the faces of the campaign, Elisa Sednaoui and Fatima Al Banawi. They each embody the spirit of the brand in unique ways, showcasing diverse perspectives on motherhood. They serve as prime examples of the countless ways one can experience and perceive the journey of motherhood, while also paying homage to the cherished traditions being passed down from mothers across different generations. 

In Azza Fahmy’s Mother’s Day campaign, social entrepreneur Elisa Sednaoui embodies a richly diverse background rooted in Italian, French, and Egyptian heritage. She seamlessly weaves the culture and traditions passed down from her parents and family into her sons’ lives, reflected in their blend of French and Egyptian names, among many other things. Elisa gracefully wears the Mother’s Day Wrap-Around Kufic Necklace, crafted from 18kt Gold and Sterling Silver, adorned with Pearls delicately wrapping around the neck. This necklace features extended chains and tassels cascading on each end, its mesmerizing pendant is intricately engraved with Kufic-inspired calligraphy, symbolizing ‘ ‘الرضا و الوصال- ‘Contentment – Union’, capturing the essence of motherly love. Additionally, she adorns the Twisted Wirework Pearl Ring from the mother’s day collection, a masterpiece in 18kt Gold and Sterling Silver. Drawing inspiration from tribal motifs, this three-quarter ring showcases Azza Fahmy’s signature twisted wirework, creating a captivating visual texture.


“Intimacy is a word that I would use and that’s the most special thing I think about the relationship about a mother and a child. The level of intimacy that is possible, where you know each other, where you understand each other without talking”


Adorned with Pearls and Champagne Diamonds, this stackable ring is a timeless symbol of love and appreciation for the cherished mothers in our lives. Similarly, Saudi actress Fatima Al Banawi radiates with heartfelt affection for her mother, projecting warmth and joy in their vibrant family gatherings. Fatima is enchanted by the passing down of traditions through generations and the similarities they share, from her grandmother to her mother, and then to herself and her sister. She fondly speaks of their guidance, dedication, and passion, which inspire her to follow her path with the same determination.

Fatima is wearing one of Azza fahmy’s signature pieces, the Nafisa Necklace, an 18kt Gold ‘Kirdan’ necklace, a piece that carries elements prominent in Fallahy jewelry, This hand-crafted piece highlights Azza Fahmy’s signature techniques of filigree wirework and Ottoman stone setting. Honoring every mother figure who weaves a timeless thread of connection between generations, celebrate this Mother’s Day by pampering your loved ones. 

Available now in all Azza Fahmy stores and online.

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