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Best Spots to Brunch This Weekend

ELLE’s guide to the best brunch spots in town

Credits: Brunch and Cake ig

Happy long weekend! The sacred sanctuary of leisure. These days we beckon for a sumptuous morning ritual: brunch. Whether you’re a fan of eggs Benedict or a devotee of avocado toast, the quest for the perfect brunch spot is an inquiry worth embarking on. But fear not, weary wanderer of breakfast and lunch fusion, for we’ve curated a guide to the most delectable brunch destinations, promising a symphony of flavors and ambiance. 



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Not a Maadi hidden gem anymore! Every single bite there will be just a YUM.


Yes, this is also in Maadi, because where can you find a better spot?


Do you really need to think? Everything there from the spot to the desserts is just amazing at this New Cairo hotspot.



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This one is in Maadi too, oops.  

Happy brunch time!

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