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Gucci Captioning the Extraordinary Where the Ordinary Is Expected

The best shows from Milan Fashion Week FW24: An ELLE preview on Gucci

Gucci finale models walking
Gucci parade FW24. Image courtesy of Gucci

Sabato De Sarno, Gucci‘s new creative director, throws out all the rules in fashion for fall/winter 2024. His vision: A quiet revolution built on a foundation of “small subversive acts.”

De Sarno prioritizes a meticulous exploration by emphasizing: “Search within the folds for a void that wants to be filled. Look at the details very closely, before feeling free to back away in pursuit of a broader perspective. Capture the extraordinary where the ordinary is expected. My dreams, as with my fashion, always converse with reality. Because I am not searching for another world to live in, but rather of ways to live in this world.”

From sequined coats and jackets to sheer lace dresses, De Sarno makes a new statement. Adding subtle autumnal hues, such as sky blue, curry or olive green, and the new Ancora red.

Model walking down the runway at Gucci FW24
Image courtesy of Gucci
The collection encompasses a variety of vibrant colors – mustard yellows, sky blues, bright pinks, and muted oranges – creating a kaleidoscopic effect.
Model walking down the runway with leather look at Gucci FW24
Image courtesy of Gucci

Classic silhouettes like trench coats and jackets get a glamorous makeover with sparkling crystal accents, turning them into head-turning pieces.

Model walking down the runway in sequined coat at Gucci FW24
Image courtesy of Gucci
Model walking down the runway at Gucci FW24
Image courtesy of Gucci

Reconnecting Gucci with an era in which new sexiness was the allure.

Model walking down the runway at Gucci FW24 in black dress
Image courtesy of Gucci

De Sarno redefines luxury at Gucci. Subversive elegance with pops of color, all grounded in a whisper-soft autumn palette. 

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