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Highlights of Berlin Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2025

ELLE Egypt presents the most memorable moments from Berlin Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2025

BERLIN, GERMANY - JULY 03: Models walk the runway at the COLLECTIVEFOUR Rebekka Ruetz show during Berlin Fashion Week SS25 at Uber Eats Music Hall on July 03, 2024 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for COLLECTIVEFOUR Rebekka Ruetz)

Berlin Fashion Week returned for the Spring/Summer 2025 season with a bold display of creativity, innovation and inclusion. From July 1st to 4th, the city buzzed with an array of runway shows that cemented its status as a hub for avant-grade and thought-provoking fashion. This season’s highlights included GmbH’s resilience-focused collection and Haderlump’s historical homage, showcasing diverse talents pushing boundaries and making bold statements through their art. 

Here’s a recap of some of the standout collections from this season.

Claudia Skoda

Kicking off the week with her iconic knitwear, the esteemed Berlin designer Claudia Skoda wowed her guests with a blend of elegance and comfort. The show began with projected images of Skoda’s past designs, setting the stage for a journey through her creative evolution.

Her SS25 collection exuded elegance through flowing fabrics and body-hugging silhouettes, while also offering cozy oversized sweaters. Playful elements like glittering dresses, bold geometric patterns, and neon Crocs proved that fashion can be both sophisticated and fun. 


Haderlump’s “Aero” collection took flight on July 2nd at the iconic Tempelhof Airport, where guests were welcomed with personal boarding passes as their tickets. Designer Johann Ehrhardt drew deep inspiration from the life of American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, blending historical homage with modern flair. Models walked down the runway adorned in metal accents, long straps, and cords, set against the dramatic backdrop of historic airplanes and pulsing techno beats.

The collection reimagined traditional silhouettes with contemporary twists, such as a floor-length maxi dress with a sturdy corset and an oversized coat, showcasing Haderlump’s ability to merge various styles seamlessly. The message of “Aero” was clear: fashion that honors the past, addresses the present, and looks boldly towards the future.

Rebekka Ruétz

Rebekka Ruetz brought celestial magic to life with her “Black Sun” collection, inspired by solar phenomena and ancient mythology. Patterns of hieroglyphs and sun god symbols adorned dresses, while prints of solar eclipses and red moons appeared on blazers and dresses. Oversized jackets in black, red, or gold leather exuded strength, while sheer lace dresses and tops added a sensual touch. A standout feature of the SS25 collection was the incorporation of LED threads, resembling sparks and lightning flashes, adding a futuristic touch and a dynamic visual element.

Marcel Ostertag

Inspired by his new life on a farm, designer Marcel Ostertag transported the audience to a paradisiacal dream with his “Eden” collection, celebrating nature through vibrant florals and enchanting patterns. The color palette mirrored the beauty and strength of nature, featuring vibrant hues of red, turquoise, gold, and silver, alongside classic shades of white and black. Each piece of “Eden” celebrated love, inspiration, and a sense of home.

Kilian Kerner

In a momentous event at Berlin Fashion Week, Kilian Kerner celebrated the 20th anniversary of his eponymous label with an emotionally charged SS25 collection. The show began with a heartfelt interview clip, where Kerner shared his challenging journey into the fashion industry as a self-taught designer and outside.

The collection itself was a dazzling display of Kerner’s talent, featuring glittering details that added a touch of sparkle. The masterful juxtaposition of soft, flowing fabrics with structured, firm materials highlighted Kerner’s design skills. The anniversary celebration was more than a milestone; it was a testament to Kilian Kerner’s resilience, creativity, and passion for fashion. As the finale approached, models formed an aisle for Kerner, who walked through a shower of red confetti, visibly moved and grateful..

Berlin Fashion Week SS25 was a celebration of diversity, innovation, and the boundless creativity that defines Berlin’s fashion landscape. As each designer brought a unique perspective to the runway, they solidified the city’s  place as a leading force in the global fashion scene, inspiring future generations of designers and fashion enthusiasts alike. 

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