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Amira Adeeb Dives Deep on Family, Her Career, & the Power of Manifestation

ELLE sits 1-on-1 with the young talent

Amira Adeeb
Image courtesy Aya Abdelhamid via Instagram

No one loves a good content creator more than we do, and Amira Adeeb has a knack for it very few others have mastered the way she has. From travel videos to Tea Talks with Miro, the young talent has kept audiences hooked to her platform for several years now. 

Her endeavors went far beyond her digital platform; she later ventured into fashion with her own merchandise shop and multiple collaborations with local brands. She didn’t stop there, though, stepping onto the big screen with projects Meen Qal and Naql Aam.

We sat down with young talent Amira Adeeb for a more personal conversation, diving into the inner workings of her brain, her career, and her upbringing.


Growing up close to her family, the actress tells us how their relationship built her into the person she is today. “I’m blessed with amazing parents,” Adeeb begins, “They’re complete opposites though. My dad is open-minded, fun, and very easygoing. My mom, on the other hand, is the strict parent.”

This unique blend of parenting styles shaped Adeeb’s character. “It gave me a really good balance in my personality, especially between the more rebellious and the calmer parts of myself. It was good because when I felt like I wanted to rebel, there was a parent that understood that, and when I wanted not to rebel, there was also a parent there that understood that.”

Reflecting on her upbringing, Adeeb highlights the benefits of growing up in an artistic family. “I would watch them make mistakes and what they would do right, and I learned just by watching,” she recalls. 

However, Adeeb admits there were missed opportunities for guidance. “I distanced myself from them completely in this area, so unfortunately, I didn’t ask them, which is something stupid on my end. I have a cheat code at home that I don’t use.” This self-reliant approach is tempered by her mother’s humorous reminders about not following the Lan A’eesh Fi Gilbab Aby ethos too strictly—a nod to her mother’s role in the famous show.


For Adeeb, manifestation is not just a concept but a driving force behind her career. “Me being an actress was a huge act of manifestation,” she says. Her journey into acting and endorsements is a testament to the power of visualizing one’s goals. “I remember when a makeup brand asked me to be the face of their brand, I still don’t understand why or how, but I told my friend, ‘I want to work with Maybelline.’ I had never worked with them before, but their core values went hand in hand with mine.”

The realization of this dream came to life in a surreal way. “While I was filming a global advertisement in New York, I physically had to pinch myself because I had already imagined this scenario in my head before,” Adeeb recalls. This wasn’t just a fleeting thought but a vision she held onto during her early days in LA. “I would walk around all the time when I used to live in LA, before I started working, and I would imagine my life on set and visualize myself performing.”

Her belief in manifestation has led to numerous opportunities, some of which remain undisclosed. “A lot of things that I still haven’t spoken about and are still coming out happened, and I had never imagined would happen,” she shares, emphasizing how visualization played a pivotal role in her achievements. 


“I don’t have a specific need to hold on to what and how something is supposed to happen and then if it doesn’t happen, it’s the end of the world,” she explains. This mindset helps her navigate her career without rigid expectations. “I love to surrender and go wherever the world is taking me. Everyone always asks me where I would love to live; I have no preference, put me anywhere and I’ll get accustomed to it.”

Her time in LA was particularly formative. “I worked as an assistant director on a lot of important music videos and learned so much. I would practice my writing in workshops for TV shows.” Her return to Egypt marked a turning point. “I came to visit my family, made a video that went viral, and that’s what started my career here.”

Ultimately, Adeeb’s journey is about adaptability and trust. “I think I don’t hold onto anything. Wherever the world takes me, I’ll be fine. At the end of the day, God knows where I’ll end up and He moves me to be where I’m supposed to be.”


“Of course! I learned so much living in LA,” Adeeb shares. “Not even from my university experience as much as working there. LA taught me that it’s normal to ask, express myself, and approach people when I need to.” This openness helped her professionally. “There’s nothing embarrassing about telling people that I’m good at writing, asking for jobs, and showing my work. I don’t really feel that this exists in Egypt.”

She also credits LA with teaching her professionalism. “LA taught me all-rounded professionalism; my timings, that everything needs to be done perfectly. This made me want to come back to my country and apply what I learned to help elevate the creative standards.”

Her goal is to blend these experiences with local practices. “We did step up a lot, but I also wanted to add to that through what I learned abroad. Hopefully, that translates into my work or the work that I’m still going to do.”

Stay tuned for the full interview on our YouTube!

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