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A Look Back At Youssra’s Iconic Performances

6 times Youssra captivated our hearts on screen

Many more happy returns! Today, we celebrate another year of Egypt’s beauty icon and renowned actress Youssra. Beginning her journey back in 1973 and until today, Youssra has never failed to awe us with her beauty and performance. Here’s a list of her must-watch movies and shows.  



A guy and a young woman meet on a train traveling far from the crowds, each has their own story, their own sorrows. And at a city set between the sun and the sea, Hany and Amal live new experiences together, eventually figuring out they only get to live once. 


EL MANSI (1993) 

Amidst the despair of her oppressive work environment and the suffocating weight of her life, Ghada’s path unexpectedly intertwines with that of a stranger, Youssef, who transcends the role of a mere chance encounter on the street to become her sole refuge.



No matter one’s wealth or influence, the weight of solitude has the potential to reduce even the most formidable power and prosperity to mere ashes. This undeniable truth became vividly apparent to Nadia, a figure of affluence and authority, when she encountered Hanan, initially employed as a janitor at a hotel owned by Nadia. Little did she realize that Hanan was destined to be much more than a mere employee; she would become the surrogate daughter whose presence would fill the void in Nadia’s life. However, as swiftly as this bond had blossomed, Nadia found herself abruptly jolted back to the harsh reality of her aloneness, adrift and purposeless once more.



It’s always ironic how optometrists can have bad eyesight, and how people in general have the power to do things are helpless with their own problems. Sherifa, a renowned and successful therapist, can’t save her marriage from falling apart, only to figure out her true salvation lies in helping others. 



The plot bears a striking resemblance to the timeless tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Malak falls for Mahmoud, a man with whom a future together seems utterly implausible. However, this narrative diverges from the classic love story as tragedy strikes in a different form – Mahmoud’s life is abruptly taken, catapulting Malak into a wholly unforeseen trajectory.



If there’s one thing to learn from this series, it’s that you shouldn’t trust anyone, ever, no matter how close they are. Ahd has been too good with her family, but her kindness never led her anywhere, only brought her betrayal and grief. 

Whether you hate commitment to long TV shows or not, a fan of old movies or not, Youssra’s performance will never fail to impress you. Which one of the movies or shows listed above did you put on your watchlist?

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