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6 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Launching a Fashion Brand

Egyptian designer Alia Abaza shares her insider tips with ELLE

Launching a Fashion Brand

Egyptian designer Alia Abaza launched her fashion brand back in 2011. The designer carved her way into exceptional production through the artistry and traditional craftsmanship that go into creating high-end items. The luxury, ethnic label embodies the power of pattern-making and mixing different textures alongside the eclectic design elements. 

The successful debut collection of hand-painted scarves was followed by her first ready-to-wear collection Me by Alia, a collection of sophisticated pieces accentuated by beautifully embroidered patterns and mixed textures.

In  2016 the label was presented at Milan’s best showrooms alongside many international emerging designers. In 2018, the brand re-launched with the full name of the designer Alia Abaza and has continued to grow internationally. Given the rapid growth and lucrative potential of the label, it was snapped up by retailers in Germany and Greece in 2023.

In the ever-evolving rhythm of the label, the designer made her international runway debut during Moscow Fashion Week 2024 with a collection that merged different textures and empowering silhouettes in celebration of the embodiment of confidence and style.

ELLE picked the designers’ brain to share the 6 biggest mistakes to avoid when launching a fashion brand:   

  1. Don’t follow international trends blindly, own your identity & be creative.
  2. You can’t please everyone! So, don’t try to cater to everyone!
  3. Never compromise your positioning! Know your worth & your value.
  4. Always use the best material and the best quality with everything because it says a lot about your brand.
  5. Keep pushing, you’ll fall & rise.  Never give up too soon because it’s worth the hassle!
  6. It’s totally okay that your brand won’t be everyone’s favorite, but make sure that when it is, keep your fans loyal.

 Stay tuned for more tips and advice by successful Egyptian fashion, accessory and jewelry designers and industry leaders.

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