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5 Nail Colors to Try This Spring

Spring nails: embrace the season with trending colors

Image courtesy Hermès

As flowers bloom and temperatures rise, it’s time to bid farewell to the subdued hues of winter and welcome the vibrant palette of spring. And what better way to celebrate the season’s arrival than by adorning your nails with the freshest and most coveted shades of the moment? From soft pastels reminiscent of budding blossoms to bold, statement-making hues that command attention, this spring offers an array of nail colors to suit every mood and style. Join us as we explore the hottest nail trends sweeping the manicure scene, inspiring you to experiment, express, and elevate your look this season. Whether you’re into subtle elegance or daring creativity, these trending nail colors are sure to leave your fingertips looking chic and on point.


Seems like the perfect color for spring! In our minds, summer is colored in blue, autumn in orange, winter in black, and spring in green. So yes, green is the official spring color.

Video courtesy the Manucurist/ Instagram

Yolo: Nail polish ‘Kale’ . Shop here.


Orange nails are blazing the trail. Vibrant tangerines are bringing warmth and energy to fingertips everywhere. Embrace this cheerful trend to add a touch of sunshine to your manicure routine

Les Mains Hermès. Nail polish Orange Tonique. Image courtesy Hermès

Hermès: Nail polish ‘Poppy Orange’. Shop here.


Giving the full-of-life vibe! Metallic colors are a perfect fit for spring and summer night-outs.

Image courtesy The Manucurist/ Instagram

Dior: Nail polish Dior Vernis ‘Mirror’. Shop here.


Every day is a red nail polish day. While red is considered the sexiest and most feminine nail color that’s for all seasons, applying it when all colorful flowers and roses are everywhere around you will even feel sexier!

Image courtesy Painted by Jools/ Instagram

Knitetics: Nail polish ‘Solar Red. Shop here.



This, like the green one, sounds like spring!

Image courtesy Betina Goldstein/ Instagram

Essie: Nail polish ‘Lilacism’  Shop here.

Which color are you picking this spring?

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