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13 Trying to Be 30

Unveiling the age deception.. Why do young girls act like older women?

Credits: Mean Girls

Yes, the title is inspired by the movie 13 Going on 30. And we’re seriously asking: why are 13 year-old teen girls acting and looking like 30 year-old women? When we see today’s kids, we pause and look back to when we were their age; we never looked like that. We were literally kids in looks and attitude. We see 7th and 8th grade girls in the stall next to us in fitting rooms trying women’s section clothes, why? The question here is, what happened in the gap between 2004 and 2024 that made that huge shift in looks and attitudes of teens? 


Our parents weren’t only moving ATM, they used to guide, supervise, and discipline. Until the age of 17, our mothers used to escort us to the mall whenever we wanted to get new clothes. Our wardrobe options were shaped by our mothers’ tastes. Now 15 year-old girls go shopping on their own, barely have curfews, and know things more than they should. When parents are mentally absent, kids’ coping mechanism is pretending to be grown-ups. One thing that’s common today among all recent parents is prioritizing financial status over everything. Like The kids should go to the most expensive school there is. They should study at universities with the highest tuition fees. We should provide them everything on the earth. We’re not saying this is a bad thing, it’s absolutely not. But spending quality time with your kids and giving them enough attention is also a priority.


The thing is, you can be the best parent in the world, and still find things getting out of your hand. You know why? Because it’s almost impossible to be a stronger influence than your children’s school friends. Also, did we mention  that girls and boys shouldn’t have their own mobile phones until they’re 15? And if they have and you’re okay, just make sure it’s under parental guidance. 13 year-old girls dressing like young ladies today is simply because of the two reasons mentioned above; social media influence and peers.

Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat inundate young minds with images and ideals of womanhood that prioritize maturity, sophistication, and glamour. With constant exposure to curated lifestyles and influencer culture, teenagers may feel the urge to copy the behaviors and appearances of older women to fit societal standards of beauty and success. Like, even us adults, wanna look like Georgina Rodríguez and Kylie Jenner, so we don’t expect to act otherwise.


The blurring of generational boundaries in fashion and entertainment has played a significant role in shaping teenage girls’ perceptions of womanhood. Iconic figures in music, film, and fashion industry, often celebrated for their timeless elegance and wisdom, serve as role models for impressionable young minds. As a result, teenagers may aspire to embody the confidence and poise associated with these influential women, even if it means adopting characteristics beyond their years.


Society expects and pressures teen girls to mature quickly. In a culture that values achievement and ambition, teenagers may feel compelled to demonstrate maturity and competence from an early age. Whether it’s excelling academically, pursuing extracurricular activities, or navigating complex social dynamics, teenage girls are often expected to navigate challenges with the composure and wisdom of older individuals.

Also, sometimes it’s the family that plays a crucial role in shaping teen girls’ perceptions of womanhood. Observing older siblings or relatives navigate adulthood can influence teenagers’ behaviors and attitudes towards maturity.

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